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Using Google Photos to backup your Photos in iOS
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To backup your photos, you need to use the Google Photos App.  To set up automatic photos and video backup, launch the Google Photos App and follow these instructions:

  1. At the top left, tap Menu
  2. Select Settings > Back up & sync.
  3. Switch on

If you see a message asking to allow the app to access your photos:

  1. Open the iOS settings app > tap Privacy > Photos.
  2. Switch Google Photos on.

You can read more about the Photos Backup and Sync here:

You will not be able to save iMovies that are in progress.  You must export the iMovie as a finished project to the Camera Roll for it to be backed up to Google Photos.

After Google Photos is setup, while connected to a WiFi network, launch Google Photos and it will automatically backup any new photos.  This is a good way to always make sure your photos are automatically backed up. Remember to launch Google Photos on a regular basis.

The process of setting up Google Photos is illustrated below:


Using Google Photos to backup Photos

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