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Purchasing Replacement Accessories for District 1:1 Devices
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The Upper St. Clair School District provides each student with complete set accessories when they are first issued a district-owned device. The accessories provided vary depending on if a student is issued an iPad or Chromebook.


Accessories issued with district-issued iPads

  • STM dux case
  • Apple Lightning cable
  • Apple charging brick


Accessories issued with grade 5-8 district-issued Chromebooks

  • Lenovo 45-watt Type C adapter
  • Lenovo Stylus


Accessories issued with grade 9-12 district-issued Chromebooks

  • Dell 45-watt Type C adapter
  • Dell EMR active pen


Accessories are not covered under the District's Technology Protection Plan and are the responsibility of the student or student's family to keep in good working order.


Replacement STM dux cases, Dell and Lenovo 45-watt Type C adapters, and Dell EMR active pens and Lenovo Stylus's can be purchased directly from the School District by visiting the online Tech Store at


At this time, the District does not sell replacement Apple Lighting cables, or Apple charging bricks. These accessories can be purchased locally at the South Hills Village Apple Store or online. Apple-branded accessories are recommended, but the iPad will work will any Apple MFI certified cable or charger. Please note that not all chargers are the same, when shopping for an MFI certified charger, please ensure that the charger is rated to provide at least 12w of power.


For more information about iPad chargers, please reference the following knowledgebase article: Troubleshooting iPad Charging Issues


The School District will provide replacement accessories free of charge to families who are economically disadvantaged. If you are economically disadvantaged, please create a new support ticket by clicking here to start the process.

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