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Recording Using Screencast-O-Matic
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Recording Using Screencast-O-Matic


You can access Screencast-O-Matic from the Staff Links.



Click the video recorder icon on the top left of the screen to launch the recorder. If this is your first time using the recorder, you will be prompted to download the installer. Run the installer, then launch the recorder again. You will be prompted to give the screen recorder access to record your screen. Follow the prompts. Check the box for “Screen Recorder” then “Quit Now” to relaunch the application.






You will now have a couple of ways of launching the recorder:

1) from the webpage accessed through staff links

2) from the menu bar on your MAC




Exit out of the settings. Relaunch the video recorder. Allow access to the microphone. At this point, a “Record” box will open along with a dashed line around your screen. Set up your recording options.


There are three options when recording your video.  You’ll find those options on the top of your recorder box.

  • Screen – This allows you to record anything within your recording frame.
  • Webcam – You can record your webcam.
  • Both – This option allows you to show your webcam AND your screen at the same time. This is often used when you want to point out something on your screen but still have your webcam up.


Set your max recording time. Leave the box selected as “None” for unlimited recording time.


You can adjust your recording frame with preset sizes (480p, 720p, Active Window or Full Screen) or you can adjust it by dragging the corners and sides of the frame.



Click on any dashed line to move the recording area to the portion of the screen you would like to record.


You can drag and resize the webcam frame within the recording area by selecting the webcam frame.


Choose your microphone. If you do not choose a microphone, the default microphone will be used.


Select “Record” in the bottom left corner of the screen to begin recording. The countdown will begin…..3…2…1


Screencast-O-Matic allows you to “pause” and “resume” your recordings from the menu in the bottom left of the screen.


Select “pause” then “done” to save, share or begin editing your video.


Click “Save/Upload” to save your video. First time options are to save as a video file or upload to Screencast-O-Matic.  


For additional upload options, click the “+” next to “options.” A new menu will pop up with options of where to upload your video (i.e. YouTube, Google Drive).





Video Tutorial:



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