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Entering 8th Grade Teacher Course Recommendations / Requests
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In preparation for the upcoming school year, 8th-grade teachers submit course requests for their students. These course requests are recommendations on which courses their students should take in their 9th-grade school year. Students and parents can view these recommendations in the Focus Student Portal. 8th-grade teachers can make their course requests by following the steps listed below:


1. Log into Focus. Select Scheduling and then Next-Year Schedule Requests.



2.  Select the correct class list from the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the screen and you will be presented with a list of students in that class. Click the Course dropdown menu to see a list of possible course recommendations. Make the appropriate course request for each student in your class. 



3. As you make your selections, you will see your course choice highlighted in yellow and the Save  button will turn red. Once you've selected a course for each student and you're stasified with the selections, click the red Save button. Complete this process for each of your 8th-grade courses. 



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