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How to use Bridged Extensions
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Bridged Extensions allow multiple extensions to exist on one phone. If your phone is configured with a bridged extension, then you will be able to call and receive calls from multiple extensions.


From your station, you are able to make and receive calls from the extensions listed next to the 📞 symbol. In the example below, we are able to make and receive calls from Dressler's Extension, and Conte's extension.


Making a Call

  1. Using the center click wheel, select the extension (or name) you wish to make a call as. In this example, we will make a call as Conte.
  2. In this example, we are dialing as Conte. This is what it looks like when Conte is selected:
  3. Once you've selected the desired extension, you may pickup the headset and dial like normal!


Receiving a Call

Because a bridged phone can receive calls for multiple extensions, it is important to know who a call is for. Before you pick up a call, your phone will present you with a caller ID screen. It'll say who's calling, and who the caller is for. The Call For: line will let you know who the call is for. 

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