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Converting Squid Notes to PDF
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This knowledge base article will help you convert one or all of your Squid notes into PDF format.


From your Chromebook, launch the Squid Application


Determine what Squid Notes you want to convert.  

  • A single or a few specific Squid Notes
  • All Notes (Best if you have not organized your Notes into specific Notebooks)  
  • Individual Notebooks (Best if you have organized your Squid notes into Notebooks)


See this article for instructions on exporting whole Notebooks at once.


If you want to convert all of your Squid Notes to PDF, select the Menu button (3 Lines) in the upper left corner.




Then select “All Notes” to see all of your Squid Notes



If you want to convert a single or a few Squid Notes, press and hold on each note you want to convert.


If you want to convert all of the Squid Notes, select the kebab (three dots) in the upper right corner.  


Then choose “Select All” from the drop-down menu to select all the Squid Notes in the “All Notes” 



You will see the number of notes selected in the upper left corner



With the Squid Notes that you want converted selected, select the kebab (three dots) in the upper right corner, then select Export, then PDF



Once you select ‘PDF,” in the “Share via” menu, you will be asked where you want to save the converted PDFs.  Select “Save to Device”



You will be brought to your Chromebook’s local “Downloads” folder.  We recommend putting PDFs into a folder.  To create a folder, select the folder icon in the upper right



We recommend naming the folder with either the Notebook name or something general if you are exporting all Squid Notes



Once you have created a folder, select “USE THIS FOLDER” on the bottom of the screen 


The Chromebook will ask you to allow access to your newly created folder.  Select “Allow”



The converted PDFs are now in a folder on your local Chromebook hard drive.  You MUST copy them over to Google Drive for them to be backed up.  If you do not copy them to Google Drive, they will not be backed up or accessible on another device.



Please note that depending on the folder size, it can take a few minutes for the folder to copy to Google Drive. Dragging the folder to Google Drive and closing your Chromebook immediately will prohibit the folder from getting copied to Google Drive.  Please wait until the folder is completely copied before closing your Chromebook.

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