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MUST READ … changes to the Copier Procedures and USC Copy Center

1.   Changes to the USC Copy Center (Office Depot) Process

We have been listening to your requests for a more efficient, easier-to-use interface for submitting jobs to the USC Copy Center (Office Depot). In response to those requests, we have come up with a simple to use form that will meet your needs. Over the last few weeks, there has been a small test group of thirty teachers using this form, and they have agreed that it is a vast improvement over what has been used previously.


Beginning Monday, October 23, 2017, this new form/process will replace what is now in use. Starting on the 23rd, when you click on the Copy Center icon on the Staff Links page, you will be directed to the NEW form -


Things to note about the new form:


Uploading Files


- Up to ten (10) PDF files may be uploaded per form.


Quantities, Settings, and other Selections


 - ALL selections made on the form will be applied to ALL documents uploaded to that form – for instance, you cannot choose a different quantity for each file but rather the same quantity for all. All documents uploaded to a form will be treated exactly the same.


Navigating the Form


- No username, password, or login are necessary since it connects to your logged in google account (Gmail & Google Docs/Drive)

- The form is only ONE page long and easily completed; make note of the asterisked (* Required) required fields.

- Scroll & Select – SELECT only the options that pertain to ALL files uploaded to the copy job.

- Scroll & Skip - SKIP the options that do not pertain to any files uploaded to the copy job.

Submitting Jobs for Other Staff Members
- You are able to submit a copy job for another staff member anywhere else in the district or in your building. At the bottom of the form, you enter the other staff member’s name for delivery of the copy job; you can only enter one other staff member’s name.  Then you select the building to which the copy job should be delivered in their name.
Order Confirmation
- You will receive an email confirmation of the copy job as you submitted it.


- The copy job will be delivered, as indicated on the form, in 3-5 business days via FedEx or UPS.


2.  Changes to the USCSD Copying Procedures on Copiers within the Buildings

This year there have been significant overages and excessive costs associated with the use of our building copiers and printers, so changes must be made to operations. To alleviate the overages, we need to be more conscious of what printing is done “in-house” and that which should be done through the USC Copy Center (Office Depot.)  All jobs should be sent to the Office Depot Copy Center when time allows.  


You have the flexibility and freedom to make your own educational decisions with your copying/duplicating needs, but we need to ensure it is done in the most cost-effective way possible.  There is a substantial cost savings when using the USC Copy Center (Office Depot) as opposed to the USCSD copiers and/or printers.




The USCSD copiers and printers within the buildings are to be used for small jobs or for jobs that cannot meet the 3-5 business day turnaround time with the USC Copy Center (Office Depot).  Beginning this week, there will be copy limits set in regards to the size of copy jobs that can be done on the building copiers and printers.  Please try to plan in advance to allow for submission to the USC Copy Center (Office Depot) and for the 3-5 business day turnaround time.


We appreciate your feedback and look forward to the new simplified procedure for your copying/duplicating needs.  


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