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Google Drive macOS Compatibility Changes

Occasionally Google makes changes to improve its products or comply with changes in the operating system. A change with Google Drive for macOS happened recently that will cause any Google Drive aliases to no longer work. You can read more about it in [this Google documentation][1]. The steps to resolve the aliases t…

Making Chrome your default browser in macOS

When you first launch Chrome in macOS, you should see a prompt like the one below to set Chrome as your default browser, which Tech Department recommends. ![][1] If you did not see that prompt, or want to change your default browser to Chrome, follow the steps below: 1. On your computer, open Chrome 2. In the top …

Using Airplay on a computer with macOS 11 (Big Sur) or Higher

Click the Control Center icon ![][1] in the menu bar, click Screen Mirroring ![the Screen Mirroring icon][2], then choose your Apple TV. When AirPlay is active, the icon turns blue. [You can read more about AirPlay on macOS 11 (Big Sur) here.][3] [1]:…

Installing Apps via Self Service in macOS

While your computer comes with many Apps, we have much more available for you to install via Self Service on your Mac. Please follow the directions below to install Apps from Self Service in macOS. 1. Launch Self Service. The Self Service application is located in the Applications Folder and on your dock. The icon l…

Backing up Fonts in macOS

**Backing up your Fonts** Launch FontBook in Applications > FontBook or by searching for it in Spotlight. Make sure the “All Fonts” is selected in the left window. ![][1] Click a font name in the middle window and go to Edit > Select All (or press <Command> - A - ⌘A) to select all fonts. All the font names will be…

Adding Google Drive shortcut to Desktop

_Please read the following options to determine what method suits your situation the best:_ - If your Desktop Google Drive shortcut has disappeared or you would like to add a shortcut pointing to the Google Drive folder that contains both My Drive and Shared Drives, you can follow either of the two methods below. -…

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