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Using the OWL Video Conferencing Camera in a Google Meet

**Short Video Example of the OWL in an educational setting:** [![][1]][2] **How to start a meeting in Google Meet on your Owl - Owl Labs** 1. Plug your USB cable into the Owl, and then into the computer. 2. Plug in your Owl’s power adapter and wait until Owl’s eyes stop pulsing. 3. Open Meet and join a meetin…

Verifying that your Microphone and Camera are enabled for Google Meet on a Chromebook

1. Launch Chrome 2. Select the three dots in the upper right corner of Chrome 3. Select "Settings" ![][1] 4. Select "Site Settings" ![][2] 5. Scroll down to "Permissions". We will be looking at the "" permissions as well as the "Camera" and "Microphone" permissions. ![][3] 6. Select "…

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