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How to Clear Browsing History

Internet browsers keep track of a user's browsing history. In most cases, this behavior is useful as it provides an easy way to return to important webpages that you have visited in the past. In some cases, however, this causes problems. Sometimes there are multiple users that need to access the same online resources …

Mac Care and Troubleshooting Tips

Like any machine, there are times when your Mac might not be performing as you would like. Below are some basic troubleshooting steps to help resolve some common issues. **Shutdown and Restart!** It seems cliché, but sometimes a simple shutdown and reboot of your Mac can resolve your issues, especially if you haven'…

How to modify your pop-up settings in Safari

A pop-up is a window that suddenly appears (pops up) when you select an option with a mouse or press a special function key. Usually, the pop-up window contains a menu of commands and stays on the screen only until you select one of the commands. It then disappears. Some of these pop-ups are disruptive advertisements …

Launching Raz-Kids on Safari or Chrome when the Raz-Kids App is installed

1. Launch the Safari or Chrome Browser 2. In the URL bar, type in 3. Tap the green "Kids Login" button ![][1] 4. Because the Kids A-Z App is installed on the iPad, it asks you to open the Kids A-Z App to continue. You _do not_ want to do that because you want to use your web browser. Tap the small "Co…

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