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The Upper St. Clair School District, including the Technology Department, will be closed for Spring Break starting on April 3, 2023. Responses to support tickets will be delayed until the District reopens on April 10, 2023.

New issues submitted during Spring Break will be addressed as soon as possible upon our return to work.

Thank you!

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For Principals: Option Model Supervision - Evaluation Form

Teachers will fill out the Option Model Supervision/Evaluation Form in PAETEP following the directions here: [ supervision-evaluation-form/][1] You will receive an email notification when they have completed the form. # 1. Click the link in th…

For Teachers: Option Model Supervision - Evaluation Form

1. Login to _PAETEP_ ![][1] 2. Click on_ **MY OBSERVATIONS**_ ![][2] 3. Scroll down the page and find **_Custom Forms_, **then click on **Create New** ![][3] 4. **_Select Supervisor_: **and** _Select School Year_:** ![][4] 5. Choose _**Appendix A-1 Option Model Supervision/Evaluation Form**_, then click **Star…

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