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Google Real-time Presence for Microsoft Office on Mac
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Google's Real-time Presence feature will help you avoid version conflicts when editing Microsoft Office files in Google Drive. Real-time presence will let users know if another user is editing a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file stored in Google Drive, and in real time.

The following instruction shows how one can turn on Real-time Presence while using a Mac.

I've just opened a spreadsheet found in Google Drive and am greeted with a prompt by the Google File Stream software installed on my Mac.  The prompt is asking if I want to enable Real-time Presence.  Click Continue as Jill Doe to start this feature's enablement process.

Now I must allow this feature permission to make changes on my Mac.  Follow the prompt's instruction by clicking the lock button, then checking the box next to Google Drive File Stream.

Once I've checked the box next to Google Drive File Stream, I'm shown the following prompt, informing me that the Real-time Presence feature is set up.

My Excel file is now open and I can see the conflict indicator in the bottom right-hand portion of the open worksheet.

When you store a Microsoft Office file in Google Drive and share it with people who also have Real-time Presence turned on, you can see whether anyone else is making changes.

  • Safe to edit: You can make changes in the file because no one else is editing.
  • Wait to edit: Someone else is editing the file.
    • To get notified when they’re done, check the box next to "Notify me when it’s safe to edit."
    • To see more about who is editing or viewing the file, click on the person in the list.
  • New version created: Someone created a newer version.
    • To get their new version, click Get latest.

If someone saves a new version while you’re editing, you can merge your changes into the latest version.

  1. In the lower right, click Preview.
  2. Copy changes from your version (on the left) to the latest version (on the right).
  3. Click Save.
  4. Your unsaved version on the left will be removed.
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