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PAETEP and LTS or USC teachers that work part of the year
Any USC teacher that works ANY time during a school year, needs an 82.1/82.3.  For substitutes, if they complete at least a 1/2 school year (in the number of days worked), need 82.1/82.3, regardless if they finish the school year.  An LTS that worked the first semester only would need an 82. 
As per Dr. Rozzo (see question 1 below), in a situation that a USC teacher does not finish the school year, regardless of how long they worked during the school year, needs 82-1/82.3 to be completed.  In those situations, you use observations, walk-throughs, informal observations and anecdotal data (if no other data is available), and information from their last year's evaluations to complete their 82. 
PDE reply to our questions below:
1.  How do we handle 82.1 for USC teachers that only work a portion of the year?  The example: staff member worked part of the year (did not complete 1/2 year), completed SLOs, but did not have any walk-throughs or formal observations.  The staff member was on a leave of absence. 
2.  How do we handle LTS that finished the year and an LTS that does not finish the year?
PDE Reply from 
Sherri L. Smith, Ed.D.


Director, Bureau of School Support

Department of Education; Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

333 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA  17126

Sharing from my past experience as a Superintendent,  I would complete an 82-1 for any substitute who served a ½ year of greater…no matter what time in the year they served.  Also, with your teacher on leave who did their SLOs and then went on leave, I used to default to their scores in their last evaluation to complete all sections of the Act 82-1 since new information was not available.
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