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Evaluations: Classified Staff, Support Staff, and All Non-Represented Staff
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1. Login to PAETEP from the Staff Links page.  Your email address is the username and the default password is your 7 digit code.

2.  Click on Supervision Management in the top right hand section of the screen.


3.  Click on the staff member you want to evaluate.


4.  Scroll down to the section that says Custom Forms and click Create New.


5.  Click Start on the appropriate form for the staff member you are evaluating.  If you are unsure of the form type, please call the HR Office.



6.  Click on View Form to start the evaluation.



7.  Fill out the information for the evaluation.  Use the Save Form feature at the bottom of the screen to save the evaluation.   Only click on Complete Form when you are 100% sure the evaluation is complete.  Once you click Complete Form the staff member will receive an email that their evaluation is completed and they can view it in PAETEP.  You may want to just use the Save Form option until you meet with them in person. 


8.  After you click Complete Form you need to assign the Staff Member the Evaluation Completion Form.  This is the form that they will complete to electronically "sign" their evaluation and make any comments.  On the Custom Forms section, click on Create New.  Click on Start on the Evaluation Completion Form.  This will automatically assign that form to the staff member.  It will immediately show up in their Custom Forms section (PAETEP will also send an email that they need to complete this form).  It is recommended that the employee login and complete the Evaluation Completion Form as part of the evaluation process while you are meeting with them.  Their login is their email address and their default password is their 7 digit code.  




















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