AirParrot use on PC

AirParrot is installed on select laptops running Windows.  The AirParrot software allows mirroring one's laptop screen to an Apple TV.

Open the AirParrot software by typing airparrot in your Windows Start Menu


Your laptop, and the Apple TV you want to use as a mirror, must be on the same network.  Apple TVs on the same network as your laptop will display in the target listing.

Once you select a mirroring target, you'll see a prompt requiring a code.  This code is displayed on the target's screen.

Click the AirParrot icon in your task bar to reveal the AirParrot menu.  This menu offers information, such as, what is being mirrored and to where this content is being shown.  It also offers controls, such as, mirror an entire laptop screen to a target, or mirror only an open application window from to a target.

When you are not mirroring, close the AirParrot program.  AirParrot requires a significant amount of power, so your laptop battery will drain more quickly when AirParrot is open, whether you are actively using it or not.  Open the AirParrot menu from the task bar and click the gear icon, followed by clicking Quit AirParrot 2.