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How to Troubleshoot ActivInspire Crashing
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If ActivInspire is constantly crashing on a specific flipchart, follow the directions below!


Method 1: Download Newest ActivInspire Software


Step 1: Open Finder and click "Applications" in the sidebar. Open the folder "Promethean" in the "Applications" section. Open "ActivInspire_Uninstaller". Press "Select All" and then "Uninstall". Type in your password and press "OK". Do not worry, your flipcharts are all saved in a separate folder in your "Documents" section. They will not be deleted.


Step 2: Go to the link


Step 3: Click on "Download ActivInspire".


Step 4: Select "English (American)" as the language.


Step 5: Select "Mac" as the operating system.


Step 6: Enter your first and last name, select "Teacher" as occupation, leave "United States" as it is, type in your email, and checkmark the "Read and accept the Terms & Conditions".


Step 7: Click on "Submit", and an email will be sent to the email typed in on Step 5.


Step 8: Open and look for an email with the subject "Promethean Support", and open it.


Step 9: Click on "Download ActivInspire" (The link that opens will automatically begin to download ActivInspire).


Step 10: Open the downloaded ActivInspire_en_US_mac.dmg file.


Step 11: Wait for macOS to verify the file.


Step 12: Open the ActivInspire vX.XX.XXXXX USA.pkg file (Xs will be numbered depending on the ActivInspire version downloaded).


Step 13: When the installer opens, press "Continue". For "Introduction", press "OK" and then "Continue". For "License", press "Continue" and then "Agree". The installer will skip the "Destination Select" tab and automatically set the destination for your laptop's hard drive. For "Installation Type", press "Install". If prompted for your password, type it in and press "Install Software". The installer will now begin installing ActivInspire. Once ActivInspire is installed, for "Extra Options", select any extra options you want, and then press "Continue". For "Summary", click "Close" and then "Move to Trash".


Now, try out the updated ActivInspire with the flipchart that was causing the crashing.


If ActivInspire is still crashing, check out Method 2.



Method 2: Recreate ActivInspire Flipchart


Step 1: Open the flipchart in ActivInspire that is constantly crashing.


Step 2: Press the keys "command/⌘" and "N" simultaneously. This will open a new flipchart named "Untitled".


Step 3: Go back to the original flipchart and select the first page on the flipchart in the "Page Browser" sidebar. (If the first page is the one causing the crashing, use the last page instead, and follow the steps using the opposite action/object)


Step 4: While holding the "shift" key, scroll down to the last page in the flipchart and select it. All the pages in the flipchart should now be highlighted in blue.


Step 5: Press the keys "command/⌘" and "C" simultaneously to copy the pages.


Step 6: Go back to the new/blank flipchart, and select the first/blank page in the "Page Browser" sidebar.


Step 7: Press "command/⌘" and "V" simultaneously to paste the old flipchart pages onto the new/blank one.


Step 8: Delete the first/blank excess page on the new flipchart.


You should now have your original flipchart on the new flipchart. The corrupted page(s) will now be blank on the new flipchart.


Step 9: You will now have to recreate the corrupted page(s) again.


Step 10: Once the page(s) is recreated, save the new flipchart and quit ActivInspire.


Step 11: Open Finder and click "Documents" in the sidebar. Open the folder "Activ Software", open the folder "ActivInspire", open the folder "My Resources", and then open the folder "My Flipcharts". If your flipcharts are not stored here, you must locate the custom spot where they are saved to.


Step 12: Locate the corrupted flipchart, and move it to the Trash.


Now, you have a new and working flipchart, and ActivInspire should not constantly crash anymore.


If you are still having trouble or have any questions, please submit a ticket to

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