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Focus School Software - Layout and Portal Navigation
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The Portal page is the key to navigation throughout Focus and throughout the Student Information System (SIS). Before conducting student searches, taking attendance, etc., you must learn the basics of the software. A lot can be accomplished directly from the Portal page, which includes Alerts, Upcoming Events, a Help button, and more.


- The Focus Portal can be found at or by clicking the Focus icon in the top row of the USCSD Staff Links page.  Login to the portal by using your USCSD Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials.  You can enter your username into the field or click the "Sign in with SSO" button.


- When you first log in to Focus you will be taken to the Portal page. 

- Your username displays next to the school name or school pull-down in the upper right corner of the portal.



 - In the upper left corner of the screen is the Focus logo. You will see the Upper St. Clair Logo in this spot. This also functions as a Portal button--clicking the logo at any time from any screen will take you back to the main Portal page.



- Next, you will see the Focus navigation menu along the left side of the screen. If you hover over any of the menu icons, the menu will open and the menu titles will appear.



- From here, you can click on any of the menu items for additional options (screens).



- To quickly find a screen within a menu, click the menu and type the full or partial name of the screen in the Search text box. The menu will filter based upon the entered criteria. Click the desired screen.



- At the bottom of the menu is a magnifying glass (in the left corner of the screen). To search for any screens within Focus, click on the magnifying glass and start typing in the white text box--this will pull any screens that match. Once you see what you are looking for, click the name and the screen will open. The search options will be limited by your account role and permissions.



- Across the top of the Portal page you will also see the name of your School(s). If you have access to more than one school, this will be displayed as a pull-down.



- Next to your school(s) is the school year pull-down, which will default to the current school year. This pull-down is accessible at all times and can be changed as needed.



- When a previous or future year is selected, the header and accent color of the screen will turn red as an alert that you are working in a different school year.



- You can select the appropriate school year, marking period, and course section in the upper right corner. The school year and marking period will default to the current marking period. You will also notice your Last login listed with the day and time, as shown in the image.



- The Help button is available on every Focus screen in the bottom right corner. Clicking the Help button will open a help documentation article pertaining to the screen you are using.



- Once you are finished in the portal, the Logout button is located in the bottom right corner, next to the Help button. The portal will automatically log you out after roughly 25 minutes of inactivity. 

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