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Focus School Software - Viewing Student Demographics
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- The Find A Student module provides a search text box to pull up student records directly from the Portal page.



- To conduct a search from the Portal, enter search criteria such as the student name in the provided text box, then select a category from the category menu pull-down in order to select the information you need based on the selected screen/information. The search will only look for students in the selected course in the upper right corner of the screen. Select the Search All Sections box to search through all of your students in all of your sections at once then click Search. If you would like to see a listing of all students in your selected course, simply press the Search button without entering any search criteria. The pull-down options include: Absences, Activities, Add Referral, Demographics, Enrollment, Grades or Course History, Grad Reqs, Referrals, Requests, Schedule, SSS, Standard Grades, and Test History.



- The student Demographics page gives you several different categories to pick from on the left side of the screen based on your user role and permissions. The Addresses & Contacts category is where you will find parent/guardian contact information such as address, email, and phone numbers. The top of the screen has other various student information such as enrollment records, student schedule, grades, absences, and referrals or discipline. You will notice that when you select a student, their picture shows up in the upper right corner of the screen. That icon will stay there until you deselect that student by clicking the red "X" next to their photo and name. This provides an easy way to return to a student record in the event that you need to change menus temporarily.



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