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Focus School Software - Taking Attendance
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All teachers will be responsible for taking student attendance. Elementary school teachers will only be taking homeroom attendance. Middle and High school teachers will be taking homeroom attendance as well as class attendance. 


1. Select Take Attendance from the left side of the focus window.



2. Select the appropriate course and section for which you want to take attendance from the pull-down. 



3. The Take Attendance defaults to the List view. Review the Student Information, which includes Student name, Student ID, Grade level, the Course Title, and the number of Days Absent before taking attendance. 



4. Attendance defaults to Present. Select the correct radio button next to the appropriate code. Our codes will differ from those listed in the example below. You will be assigning Present or Absent.




5. When all codes have been selected, click the Save button.



Note: You can click the Refresh icon to clear attendance that has been entered but not saved to start over.


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