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Focus School Software - Viewing and Editing Existing Seating Charts
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1. From the Attendance menu, click Seating Charts.



2. From the Seating Charts screen, click Charts.



3. The Charts pop-up displays all existing seating charts linked to the section selected from the section pull-down located in the header.



From the Charts pop-up, you can edit all existing charts' information including the Sort order, Title, and the Front of class direction.


4. To edit the order, click the Sort field and change the number as needed. The chart with the lowest number, i.e. 1, is used as the default chart when none are assigned. By default, all charts are given a Sort order of 1.



5. To edit the name of the seating chart, click the Title field and make the necessary changes.


6. To edit the direction of the classroom, click the Front pull-down and select the applicable arrow to indicate where you'd like the front of the class to be.


7. Click Layout for the applicable seating chart to edit the furniture layout and/or assign students' seating.



8. Click Save to apply changes made to the seating charts. Changes not yet saved, display in yellow.



9. Click the X to close the Charts pop-up window.


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