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Finding All Your Parent or Student Email Addresses
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Finding All Your Parent or Student Email Addresses


1.  Navigate to the Staff Links Page and login to Focus.



2.  Choose the class or homeroom drop-down menu from the top right of the screen.  



3.  Choose your class or homeroom.



4.  On the left navigation menu, click on "Reports" (looks like a bar graph).



5.  Click on "Parent Emails" or "Student Emails" under Published Reports.





6.  A report will be displayed with all your student emails and parent emails (or just student emails).  You can save it to Excel by clicking on the floppy disk icon.  Once they are in Excel, you can copy and paste the email addresses into a Gmail message or Google Meet calendar event. 



7.  When you open the Excel file, if you get the message below, click on "Yes"



8.  Highlight all the emails in the "Primary Contact: Email" column, then do Command C (or click on the Edit menu, then click on Copy).  



9.  For Gmail, compose a new email, click on the BCC field, and then do Command V to paste them into the email.  Repeat for the process to add the "Secondary Contact: Email" to the same message.






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