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Focus Mobile App - Administrators & Support Staff
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1.  Go to your Smartphone App store, search for "Focus PA" and install the App



For District-owned devices, Go to Self-Service 


2.  Launch the App from your SmartPhone's home screen.



3.  Scroll down and choose "Upper St. Clair School District"



4.  Tap on "Sign in with SSO"



5.  Type in your [email protected] (your SSO - Single Sign On username) and your password. 



6.  You can scroll to find a student or tap your finger in the middle of the search bar and type in a last name or first name (or part of last name or first name).

Tap on the student and you will have access to all information in Focus for that student



7.  Tap on "Student Info"



8.  To quickly find contact information.  Tap on the menu triangle on the left side of the screen. 



9.  Tap on "Addresses & Contacts"



10.  Tap on the contact to see phone numbers and addresses.





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