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Focus & Middle School Report Cards
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1.  From the left navigation menu, click on Grades, then click on Post Standard Grades



2.  In the top right corner, make sure the appropriate course and marking period is selected.  You will see the appropriate course under the Graded Courses label.  If you see a list of students on your page, then you are in the correct course.  




3.  You see a list of students on the left side of the screen and skills listed in each column.



4.    You can click on any cell/box with your mouse and then use arrow keys to navigate from skill to skill or from student to student.  You type the value of the skill in the box.  It will only accept the values that match the skill grading scale.  Do not worry about uppercase vs. lowercase, it automatically converts lowercase to uppercase.


You will see only the skills assigned to your course when entering grades. Some courses have different skills than others. if you hover your mouse over any skill, it will show the grading scale for that particular skill. You are only able to enter values on that scale for that skill.



The grading scale for Academic Knowledge and Daily Performance is a numeric scale from 0 to 100. If you are required to enter an AK or DP percentage for your course, you will enter that numeric value into that particular skill. This value is obtained from the students' percentage in your Canvas course for the AK and DP grade book categories.  



The Overall Performance Letter Code is required for every course and it will only accept the following O, G, S, N type values.



The other skills in your course are areas in which the student may need to improve. The only value you can enter in these skills is a checkmark by typing in CK. A checkmark should be entered into a skill in which the student needs improvement. If the student does not need to improve in that particular skill, leave it blank.



IMPORTANT:  Click the Save button in the top right corner of the screen OFTEN.  Your data is only written to the Focus database when you click Save.  The Save button will turn red while you are saving and then you will be able to enter more values.  DO NOT LEAVE the"Post Standard Grades" page without clicking Save.



Make sure you enter all necessary values into all applicable fields and be sure to click save before exiting the page.


5.  For Report Card Comments, Click on Grades, then Click on Report Card Comments.  Be sure to select the appropriate course/marking period in the top right corner. 



6.  You will see all of your students listed to the left. You must enter your comments in the column labeled Longer Comments for <Course Name>. Once you have entered your comment, be sure to click the Save button in the upper right corner. Your comments are limited to 255 characters.



7. You DO NOT have the ability to print report cards.  The main office will print all of the report cards when necessary. 



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