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Approving Teacher and Student Course Schedule Requests
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Teacher and student course requests can be approved by school staff by following these steps:


1. log in to the Focus Portal. Use the school year dropdown menu in the top right of the screen to switch from the current school year to the next school year. The windows will turn red to notify you that you are in a school year other than the current one.


2. Click Scheduling then click Student Requests.



3. Enter a student's name and click the search button. If the search returns multiple students, click the appropriate student's name.



4. The next screen will list all requests for that specific student that were either made by the automated course selection process, the teacher course requests, or the student course requests. Verify that the course requests are accurate. If you need to delete a course request, use the red "-" minus logo next to the course you wish to remove. If you need to add a new course request, use the Add a Request: Quick List at the bottom half of the screen to select any additional courses. 



5. Once you are satisfied with the course requests, you can use the two checkboxes in the top right of the screen to mark the requests as Approved by the Counselor or to Lock the Student from modifying their requests.


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