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Focus Address and Contact Procedures
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All student records must follow this procedure.  For new students, these steps need checked during registration and verified by the school buildings.  For existing students, this needs to be checked as you proceed through the school year.  These procedures are critical for the Safe2Say team (proper contact information and custody issues) and the SchoolMessenger calling system.  In addition, this data is used with 12+ systems that expect the data to be aligned this way. 

1.  When new students are registering, they are supposed to put their home address and then create contacts that are assigned to that home address.  In this example, this is how a mother and father living in the same home will look.  If the primary residence and the mailing address are identical, there should be no information in the mailing address section, nor should the mailing address option be "checked". 








2.  Each parent, legal guardian, and contact with custody needs the appropriate options "checked".  The SchoolMessenger calling system calls or emails, mother, father, legal guardian, or anyone that has custody (unless a court order specifies otherwise).  Please ensure that the relationship field matches the contact, mother, father, etc.   (In the old SIS, MMS/Vision, SchoolMessenger called/emailed C1, C2, C3, but Focus does not use that logic, in favor of the mother, father, custody, and legal guardian). 



3. For the contacts, Mother, Father, Custody, and Legal Guardian, they must have an email address and phone number.  The phone number must be labeled home phone or cell phone.  The calling system does not call work, other, or anything that is not home phone or cell phone.  Please note:  Even if they have a phone number associated with the address, they must also have the phone numbers entered in their contact information.  



4.  For contacts that are Mother, Father, Legal Guardian, or Custody, that DO NOT live in the same home, their contact information should have the Can receive mail from school "checked". 



5.  You may encounter some students whose mother and father live at the same address but that same address is entered in two separate address blocks. In these situations, you must move them both to the same address block and delete the duplicate address once there are no longer contacts assigned to it. This is done by clicking the second contact's name and then selecting the address at the bottom of the window that has the "star" icon next to it which signifies the student's primary address. Please note: when moving contacts to new addresses or deleting addresses you will need to click "Confirm" before clicking Save.




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