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Student Transportation Information
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If you are on a student record in Focus, click on Transportation from the left navigation menu.  On the right of the screen you will see that student's bussing information:





Finding ALL of your students bus and transportation information in Focus: 


1.  Click on Reports from the left navigation menu



2.  Locate the Report called "Transportation Information" and Click on it



3.  You will see a list of students with all their bus route information.  Because students can have more than two bus trips, you will need to scroll to the right to see all of their routes.  If you want to see their end-of-day bus number, scroll to the far right and the last trip will have that information.  See the examples below. 

  • Example 1 is a Baker student that has two trips. 
  • Example 2 is a student that lives in Baker but goes to Streams (the student is bussed to Baker, and then, takes another bus to Streams, then he is bussed from Streams to his home (three trips). 


Example 1: Baker student with two trips



Example 2:  Student lives in Baker area, but is a Streams PYP student and has three trips




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