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Log out or log in to an Avaya J100-series IP Phone
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Avaya J100-series IP telephones allow the user to log out and log in to the phone without the assistance of the Technology Department. You may have to log out or log in when you move rooms or are otherwise instructed to do so.


IMPORTANT: Any time you log out of an IP telephone and log in to a DIFFERENT telephone (i.e. not the phone you were previously signed into), please notify the Technology Department by submitting a support ticket. The District maintains a list of what phones are located in which rooms for 911 purposes. Moving your extension without involving the Technology Department will cause this information to no longer be accurate.


The screenshots in this article show the screen and button layout of an Avaya J179 phone. While the button layout is different on an Avaya J139 phone, the overall process is the same on both types of devices.

How to log out of a J100-series phone

1. Press the main menu key on the face of the phone. The main menu key is the top left, off-white button located below the screen.



2. Choose the Applications menu by pressing the physical button to the left of the option on the screen.


3. Press the physical button to the left of the Log out option. Depending on the phone model, you may have to scroll down to see the Log out option on the screen.



4. You will be prompted to confirm that you would like to log out. To confirm log out, press the physical soft key below the logout option.



5. The phone log out process is now complete.


How to log in to a J100-series phone


You must log in to an IP phone in order to make and receive phone calls. Phones that are not logged in are ONLY able to make emergency phone calls to 911. If a phone is not signed in and you attempt to make a phone call, you will receive a notice on the screen that only emergency calls are permitted. Phones that are not logged will have a screen similar to the image below.



1. Enter your 4-digit extension in the Username field using the phone keypad.


2. Enter your 7-digit phone authorization code in the Password field using the phone keypad. This is NOT the same passcode you use to access your voicemail.


3. After entering your information, press the physical button under the Enter soft key to log in.



4. The log in process should now be complete.


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