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Getting Started with Securly Classroom
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Teachers can use Securly Classroom to view and manage students' Chromebooks while they are in your classroom.


Please note the Securly Classroom only works within the Chrome browser on a student Chromebook.  Android Apps, which are typically the tablet Apps, are not able to be controlled or viewed using Securly Classroom.



To log into Securly Classroom:


In your browser, go to Staff Links and select "Securly Classroom"   or go to


Select "Sign in with Google" and enter your SSO Credentials when prompted.


After logging in, click the Classes menu and you will be presented with a list of your Classes in "card" view.  





See this article on the Securly Documentation Portal for instructions on each of the following useful topics:


  • Starting a Class Session
  • Stopping a Class Session
  • Extending a Class Session
  • Monitoring Student Screens
  • Monitoring Students with Tab View (A list of currently opened tabs on student devices)
  • Using Student Groups (Teachers can create up to 6 groups per class and groups created in a class are saved for future class sessions)
  • Saving a Student Screen (Teachers can save an image of a student screen from Device View to save a record of the screen for future reference)
  • Sharing a Student's screen (Present a student's screen to all other students in the class)
  • Closing tabs on student screens
  • Screen Lock (Allows the teacher to freeze student screens and display a custom message when a class session is active)
  • Site Lock (Allows the teacher to lock students to a single web site, or a group of sites)
  • Pushing URLs (Push out one or more sites to student devices that will automatically open in new tabs)
  • Sharing your screen
  • Viewing Student History
  • Accessing Class Session Summaries
  • Creating Block Lists (Sites to be blocked during class sessions)


When you are done with Securly Classroom, make sure you logout by selecting the "person" icon in the upper right corner and pulling down to "Logout."




There are many great features available in Securly Classroom.  Many of those features are outlined above, but we also suggest signing up and taking Securly's free Device Console training.  Click this link to be taken to the training.  You will need to create an account on this site by selecting the "Create an account" link.



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