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Getting Started with Securly Classroom
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If you are in a school that utilizes Chromebooks, you can use Securly Classroom to view and manage students' Chromebooks when they are in your classroom.


There is a great 15-minute overview video that describes many of the tools in Securly Classroom.  Select this link to view the video.  You can also view our "Advanced Features of Securly Classroom" knowledge base article here.


Please note the Securly Classroom only works within the Chrome browser on a student Chromebook.  Android Apps, which are typically the tablet Apps like Squid, are not able to be controlled or viewed using Securly Classroom.


1.  In your browser, go to Staff Links and select "Securly Classroom"   or go to


2.  Select "Sign in with Google" and enter your SSO Credentials when prompted.



3.  If you are in multiple buildings, you may have to select your school from the Locations Menu.  



4.  The instructions on how to start your class is outlined below and you can also watch this video.


After you have selected your school, select "Teacher Tools" from the "Location" menu, then select your class from the "Class" menu.  You can either scroll down to select or type the class name.



5.  Once you select your class, you can click on any student that is not present to remove them from this session.



6.  Once you have deselected any students that are not present, select "Start Class"



7.  You will be prompted with several options about this class session.  You must make sure that you set an "End time" for this session.  It is recommended that you set the end time a minute or two shorter than the class end time so that the student Chromebooks get released.  Once you have selected an end time, select "Start" in the lower left of the window.





8.  When you are done with your class, you MUST select "Stop class" to release your student Chromebooks.



9.  When you are done with Securly Classroom, make sure you logout by selecting your email address in the upper right corner and pulling down to "Logout."



For more about the many features of Securly Classroom, you can view our "Advanced Features of Securly Classroom" knowledge base article here.


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