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Configuring Marking Period Dates - Elementary and Middle School
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Report cards are given to elementary and middle school students each quarter. The marking period terms need to be set to allow teachers to enter report card grades.


1. Click Setup then School Setup then Marking Periods.



2.  This screen is used to configure the start and end dates for each marking period (the first and last day for each quarter or EA Rotation) as well as the start and end time for grade entry for teachers. Make sure the Begin and End dates are accurate for the start and stop times for each year, semester, and quarter.



3. For each Semester and Quarter, make sure you have the Begin and End dates as well as the dates when Standard Grade Posting Begins and Standards Grade Posting Ends. These dates are the time that teachers are able to enter standards grades and comments for report cards. In the elementary schools, you will only see Year, Semesters, and Quarters. In the middle schools, you will see Year, Semesters, Quarters, and EA Rotations. Make sure the standard grade posting dates are entered for the EA Rotations as well.




The due dates are determined by the school district calendar. I recommend setting the Standards Grade Posting Ends date to a time roughtly 1.5 days before report cards are published to the parent portals. This should allow enough time to spot-check and reach out to any teachers if any modifications are needed.

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