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Flexible Instructional Days - Attendance
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A Flexible Instructional Day (FID) is a program available to public school entities to be used as an alternate approach to delivering instruction if a circumstance arises that prevents instruction in a customary manner, such as inclement weather. In the event that the Upper Saint Clair administration team chooses to utilize this option, each building will need to use the following guidance:


Elementary building teachers and staff will continue to take and monitor attendance in the same way as they would if it were a traditional school day since they abide by homeroom attendance only.

Fort Couch Middle School and Upper Saint Clair High School secretaries will need to assign their 2 hour delay bell schedule to the calendar day of the FID prior to anyone taking attendance.  In Focus, go to Setup>School Setup>Attendance Calendar, and on the appropriate calendar day, click on the drop down to select "2 hour delay". 

To save this change, be sure to hit Update in the upper right hand corner of the calendar page.  Teachers will continue to take attendance as usual.

Due to the complexity of the scheduling and rotations at Boyce Middle School, secretaries will be unable to create 2 hour delay schedules in Focus.  To avoid using Google sheets or another format, Boyce will use their default calendar in Focus and teachers will take attendance for the appropriate courses that are meeting on that particular FID day. 




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