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Using the USCSD Copy Center
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1. Visit from your browser or select Copy Center from the Staff Links Page.


2. Click Login in the top right corner.



3. Click Single Sign-On. Enter your single sign-on username and password. This is the same username and password you use to log in to your computer.



4. Select Black & White and then select the appropriate printing options (Booklet, Single/Double-sided, Collated/Uncollated, Stapling).




5. Click Add Files in the top left corner to upload your pdf file.



  • Click Upload Files on the add files pop-up screen.



  • Select your pdf file and click Upload in the bottom right corner of the add files pop-up screen.



  • Once the upload is successful, click Done in the bottom right corner of the add files pop-up screen. 


Please note that there is a button on the add files pop-up labeled Add More Files. This button should only be used when you want to combine multiple pdf files into one large document. For example, If you upload a 10-page document and then add another 15-page document using this Add More Files button, you will not get two separate jobs. You will get one job with a 25-page document. Step 7, listed below, will explain how to add multiple copy jobs to one order. 



6. The next screen allows you to customize the job. Be sure to enter a descriptive job name and the appropriate number of copies. As you make all of your customizations along the left side of the page, the changes will be reflected with a real-time preview in the center of the screen to help ensure all of the options look correct. There is a Special Instructions section that should be used for any customizations that aren't available in the menu options. Once you've made all necessary customizations and special instructions, click Add to Cart in the bottom right corner. You will then be asked to verify that you are satisfied with all customizations by clicking I agree in the bottom right corner.


Please note that there is also a Save button in the bottom right corner of the page. This is useful to save a job and all of the customizations to be used at a later time. You can navigate to your Saved Jobs in the future and upload a new file to use with the same customizations (Click your name in the top right of the home page and select My Saved Jobs). 



7. You will be taken to a screen that lists all items in your cart. If you have multiple copy jobs to submit, click Continue Shopping. Add all of your copy jobs to the cart. This saves on shipping costs and helps the copy center organize and distribute the jobs more efficiently. Once you have added all necessary jobs to the cart, click Proceed to Checkout.



8. Verify all contact information is correct and enter any necessary delivery instructions at the bottom of the page. If you have verified that all appropriate contact information and delivery instructions are entered, click Proceed to Payment. If you are submitting an order to be delivered to another staff member, see below.



  • If you are submitting an order to be delivered to another staff member, click Add from Address Book. Select the appropriate building and make sure to enter the correct first name, last name, email address, as well as a phone number in the delivery instructions. Once you are satisfied that all contact information is accurate, click Proceed to Payment.





9. On the payment screen, click Place my Order. A confirmation email will be sent to you with delivery details and contact information.


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