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Generating a List of Bus Passengers for School Messenger
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Transportation data generated in Routefinder Plus (transportation software) is synchronized to Focus (student information system) multiple times per day to ensure that Focus has up-to-date information for each student. Each bus travels a particular route and each route has its own unique Trip ID. In the event that a phone call or email needs to be sent to the parents/guardians of students on a particular bus route, follow the steps below to generate a list of students on that route.


1. Log in to Focus using your USC single sign-on credentials.


2. If you do not already know the Trip ID, search for a student that rides the specific bus in question and find the Trip ID for this particular route. The Trip ID can be found on the student's Transportation [1] category. Each trip has it's own unique Trip ID [2]. The Trip ID can also be found in the Routefinder Plus transportation software.



3. Once you have the Trip ID, Click the Reports [1] button and choose the report titled Transportation - Trip Notifications for School Messenger [2].



4. Once the report loads, enter the Trip ID [1] into All six filters near the top of the screen. After the Trip ID has been entered, click the Run Filter button [2]. The report will now filter the results and only show students that match the Trip ID that you entered. After you've run the filter, click the icon next to the total number of students in the top left corner of the report to download the report to your computer [3]. 



5. Open the downloaded file in Microsoft Excel. You will notice that the first column of the report is the student ID number for each student on this particular route.



6. Delete all data in the other columns, leaving only the student ID numbers found in column A. 



7. Lastly, you will need to save the file as a .csv (comma separated values) file so it can be uploaded in the School Messenger system to send a phone call or email. If you are using a Mac, follow these steps below. Click File then choose Save As. Enter an appropriate file name [1]. In the file format menu, select the format titled Comma Separated Values (.csv) [2]. Click Save [3].



If you are using a Windows PC, follow these steps below. Click File then choose Save As. Enter an appropriate file name [1]. In the file format menu, select the format titled (CSV) Comma Delimited [2]. Click Save [3].



The .csv file that you just created can now be uploaded to the School Messenger system. Please read the following article that explains how to send a School Messenger alert to a recipient list using a .csv file


Sending a School Messenger Alert to a custom recipient list using a .csv file.

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