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For Principals: Unsatisfactory - Needs Improvement
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1. log in to PAETEP



2.  Click on SUPERVISION MANAGEMENT at the top of the screen



3.  Click on the teacher's name from the list


















4.  Scroll down to the Custom Form Section and Click on Create New




5.  Select Supervisor and choose your name, then Select School Year




6.  Select Appendix A-3 Unsatisfactory/Needs Improvement and then click Start




7.  FIll out the information (Click Save Form if you wish to return to it later) and Click on Complete Form




**After you complete the form, an email notification will be sent to the teacher (with a link to view the completed form)**


8. You may dialog back and forth with your teacher by using Add Comment.  Click Add Comment at the bottom of the form, enter your information, then click Publish Comment.  




9.  Click on Notify of Comment and your teacher will receive an email notification regarding your comment.  




10.  If you need to update any of the information in the form at any time, click on the cog wheel under Actions, then click Reopen (Click on View Form and make the changes)




11.  After you make the changes, please make sure to choose Complete Form




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