Creating Gmail Contact Lists from an Excel Spreadsheet or Google Sheet

1.  Open the Excel Spreadsheet or Google Sheet

2.  If not already sorted, sort the spreadsheet so that the emails you want use for your list are in a row.

3.  Select the desired emails and use Command C (⌘ C) or go to the Edit menu and pull down to select copy.

4.  Log into your Gmail account

5.  In the upper left corner, click on the word "Mail" and pull down to "Contacts"

3.  Click on the three lines in the upper left corner to reveal the Main Menu

4.  Scroll down the left side of Contact and click "Go to the old version"

5.  On the left side you will select "New Group" and enter a new group name.

6.  On the left side, click on the name of the new group you created.  It will tell you there are no contacts in this group.

7.  Click on the "Person with a plus sign" and a box will appear.

8.  Make sure your curser is in the box and hit Command V (⌘V) to past or go to the Edit Menu and pull down to Paste.  This will paste all the emails that you copied previously to this box.  

9. Click "Add" to add the emails to this group.

Below is a video outlining the whole process.