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Chromebox Troubleshooting Steps
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If you are having issues getting your Chromebox to work on the Promethean board, try the following steps:


1). Turn the Chromebox on


Sometimes, a Chromebox may fall asleep or turn off. To turn it back on, press the power button on the front panel (see picture below). After pressing the button, some lights should turn on in the front (see second picture below). Wait a few seconds, then check to see if the Chromebox now shows up on the panel.




2). Ensure All Cords Are Plugged In


On the Chromebox, there should be three cords plugged in, and the antenna. Compare the picture below to your Chromebox and ensure all cords are plugged in.



On the panel, check that the cords are plugged into the correct ports (see picture below).



3). Check Power Cord


Check that the power cord (see above picture) is plugged into an outlet.


4). Submit a Ticket


If you have tried all of the above steps and your Chromebox still does not show on the panel, you can get further support by submitting a ticket Here.

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