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PDE and Federal Sites
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PDE-1 MyPDESuite



PDE-2 eGrants

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PDE-3 PIMS & PA SecureID

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PDE-4 FRCPP (Future Ready Comprehensive Planning Portal)

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PDE-5 Future Ready PA Index



PDE-6  Integrated Monitoring System








PDE-9 SAS (Standards Aligned System)


PDE-10 PCCD (Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency)

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PDE-11 DriverEd (Driver Education)

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Choose DriverEducation


PDE-12 CFunds (Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Contingency Funds Request System)



PDE-12 Deaf-Blind Census



PDE-13 RISC (Restraint Information System Collection)


PDE-14 - Education for Children & Youth Experiencing Homeless in Pennsylvania



PDE-15 - Significant Disproportionality



PDE-16 SHAARS (School Health Annual Reimbursement Request System)


PDE-16 CRDC (Civil Rights Data Collection)





PDE-18 PEARS (Child Nutrition Program)



PDE-19 ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief)



PDE-20 Commonly Used Applications 

MyPDESuite First:


EdNAv2 - Education Names and Addresses

eTran - The Electronic Transportation (eTran)
FAI - The Financial Accounting Information (FAI)

RES  -  The Referendum Exception System (RES)

SSR  - The Social Security Reimbursement (SSR)


PDE-21 - Data Quality Curriculum (DQC) Training Tools








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