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Changing Your Chromebox PIN
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This article will provide the steps to reset your PIN for your Chromebox if you have forgotten or need to change your PIN. Step 1 starts at the login screen as if you do not have access to your PIN but do have your SSO password and MFA method. If you are already logged in and on your Desktop, you can skip to step 3. 


1. On the user login screen, tap the "PIN or password" field on your account, and the onscreen keyboard will appear, replacing the PIN-pad keyboard.

IMAGE1: Showing "PIN or password" field, boxed in red.

2. Enter your SSO password and complete the MFA steps if prompted.

3. Next, open the app menu and select Settings. 

4. On the left side of the screen, select, "Security and Privacy".

5. Tap the top option, "Lock screen and sign-in"

6. Enter your SSO password.

7. Tap "Change PIN" and follow the prompts on screen to set a new PIN.

GIF1: Showing steps 3 through 7. 

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