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Restart the Raptor Hardware Service
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Most issues with Raptor hardware (scanner and/or badge printer) can be resolved by restarting the Raptor Hardware Service that runs locally on the computer used for Raptor. To restart the Raptor Hardware Service, follow these steps:

  1. Exit from the Raptor application by closing Google Chrome.

  2. Navigate to the Windows notification area (near the clock) and press the ^ arrow to view more details.

  3. Find the orange raptor icon.

  4. Using two fingers on the trackpad, click on the icon and choose Close Hardware Service.

  5. Restart the hardware service by going to the Start menu and choosing the Raptor v6 Hardware Service. If you do not see this option, first navigate to the Raptor Technologies LLC folder.

  6. Open the Raptor application by clicking on the desktop shortcut.

Should these steps not resolve your issue, please restart the computer. If you continue to have issues, please submit a ticket for additional assistance.

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