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Tyler open enrollment walk through

The following is a step-by-step open enrollment process with example selections. Sign-in to the Tyler Employee Access using your SSO account. ![][1] Select **My benefits** and choose **Enrollment** ![][2] Each benefit selection needs to be completed, which is done so by clicking on each respective **Make** **sele…

Login to Tyler Employee Access

Tyler Employee Access allows employees to view and edit personal contact information, maintain emergency contacts, review pay and download tax related documents. To login, visit [][1], or click the **Tyler** **Employee** **Access** icon from the Staff Links page ([https://webinfo.uscsd…

Login to Tyler School ERP Pro Core

> School ERP Pro offers two ways to access the system. This article talks about accessing the School ERP Pro core product. The core product is generally only used by specific departments, such as Finance and Human Resources. All other users should use the web version of School ERP Pro, which can be found on Staff Link…

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