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Tips for Printing from Notability on your iPad
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Tips for Printing from Notability on your iPad


Below are some tips for printing from Notability on your iPad.  Remember, it is very important to choose LETTER paper when printing from Notability.


If your note printed only a blank page:


Add a second page to your note and draw something simple like a line on it, then choose the range of ONLY Page 1 when you print.  To do this:


Tap “Range” to choose the page range of your document.



Choose Page 1 only.




If your printed document is not the correct size:


If you do not choose LETTER, your document will be the wrong size on the printed page.  Also sometimes your document will not print until a button is pressed on the printer.



Tap “Options” to change the Paper type to Letter





If you are having trouble printing or having another technology issue, please submit a help desk ticket using the BOTechSupport app on your iPad.




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