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Connecting Google Drive to the Files App in iOS
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The Files app for iOS provides one place for all your files. Files provides access to Apple’s own iCloud Drive and allows third-party cloud storage services like Google Drive to plug into it. You can access files from any service, transfer files between services, and search all your files from this app. You can view a file and use the share sheet to open it in another app on your device.


1. Make sure you have the Google Drive app installed on your iOS device and verify that you are logged in with your Upper St. Clair Google account.


2. Tap the "Files" icon on your home screen.

2.  The left side of the Files app lists different Locations, Favorites, and Tags while the right side lists all files from your selection on the left.




3.  Tap the "3 dots" in the top left side near the section labeled "Browse" and then tap "Edit".



4. The "Edit" menu will list all third-party applications that support integration with the Files app. Tap the slider for Google Drive to ensure that is is green and in the on position then tap "Done".



5. Tap "Google Drive" in the Locations section to access all of your files in Google Drive.



For more information on how to use the Files app, please see the official support page from Apple.


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