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Adding YouTube Videos to Canvas
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The steps below outline the methods to add YouTube content while ensuring it's viewable for students on the various devices they use to access Canvas.  YouTube videos that are embedded with the method below will NOT need to be approved.  Canvas now works with our Internet filter (as long as the video is embedded). This method works for students using iPads and MacBooks. Videos still need to be approved to play on student Chromebooks.


Embedding a YouTube video on a Canvas page.


1.  Find your YouTube video and click on the "SHARE" link.



2.  Click on the Embed link.



3.  Highlight the Embed code and Click on "COPY"



4.  Navigate to your Canvas Page and position your cursor in the spot you want your video to reside.



5. Click on HTML Editor in the top right part of the Canvas Page



6.  Paste the YouTube embed code and then click "Save".



7.  Your video will now be embedded (It will NOT need to be approved by the Tech Dept). 






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