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Creating a Canvas Parent Account and Adding Students
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Creating a Canvas parent account is a two-step process that requires both the student and the parent. Before the parent can create their account, each student must first generate a "Pairing Code" that is necessary to link the student account with the parent account.


1. Each student in the family must log in to their canvas account. Pairing Codes are unique to each student and the parent must enter them individually to link their account to their student.


2. Students should click the Account icon in the top left corner of the screen and then click Settings. Note: If you are a student generating this code from the Canvas app on an iPad, you will click the "3 horizontal lines" in the top left corner of the screen and click Settings from the left navigation pane. 



3.  Students should click Pair with Observer on the right side of the screen. Note: If you are a student generating this code from the Canvas app on an iPad, you will click Pair with Observer from the settings popup in the center of the screen.



4. The observer pairing code will appear on the screen. Make note of this code. This is the code that links your parent account to this student. You will be asked to enter this code when you create your parent account. 



5.  Now that you have a Pairing Code, parents should open the Canvas parent login page at and click Parents. If you are creating a brand new Canvas parent account, select Create a new parent Account and continue to step 6. If you already have an existing Canvas parent account and want to add your student to the account, simply log in with your existing username and password and skip to step 7.



6. On the next screen parents are prompted to enter their name, email, and asked to create a password. In the bottom text field, enter the Pairing Code that you made note of from your student's account. When finished, click Start Participating.



In the event that you need to add more than one student to your Canvas parent account. Please follow the remaining steps.


7. Once logged in to your Canvas parent account, click Account in the top left corner then click Observing.



8. You will see a list of all students already added to your Canvas parent account. To add more, enter the Pairing code that the student generated from their Canvas accounts and click the "+ Student" button. Please refer to steps 1-4 above to generate pairing codes from student accounts.


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