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Elementary Parents - Common Issues with Canvas & Google Hangouts Meet
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1.  On computers that run Windows, Apple macOS, or Android we recommend the Google Chrome Browser. Devices that have been successfully tested by the School District include: Apple computers/laptops, Windows computer/laptops, iPads, and Chromebooks (Canvas and Google Hangouts Meet may work on other devices, but have not been tested by the School District)


2.  If you are having issues seeing images/content in Canvas on an iPad or an Apple computer, you will need to adjust a few settings (or use the Google Chrome Browser).  For step-by-step instructions, click the link below:


3.  If you are having issues with Google Hangouts Meet on a laptop or computer, you will need to adjust a few settings. For step-by-step instructions, click the appropriate link below:


4.  If you are having issues with accessing the camera/video or microphone in Google Hangouts Meet, please see the Google help article below (look for the the section called, "Allow Meet to use your camera and microphone"):


5.  Families with children sharing devices: Most of the tools we use in the District are built for Single Sign-On (SSO), which means a student has one username and password to use with all systems that support SSO. In our 1:1 world (grades 5-12) this works great, because one student is tied to one device. With students sharing a device with others, steps must be taken to properly logout of applications. There is no common device that all students are using, so it is difficult to have methods that work for all devices. For parents/students that are struggling to properly logout, follow the step-by-step instructions by click the appropriate link below:





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