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Lenovo Chromebook 500e 2nd Gen Physical Overview
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The Lenovo Chromebook 500e 2nd Generation is a laptop and a tablet!  You will receive a Chromebook, charger and EMR (electro-magnetic resonance) Pen.  When not using your Chromebook, just close the lid.  There is no need to shut down.  


Laptop mode:

In laptop mode you can type on the keyboard and use it like a laptop.  You can also touch the screen to navigate with your finger or use the EMR pen.



Tablet mode:

In tablet mode the keyboard is disabled so that you can use it like an iPad.



There is a "garage" to keep your EMR pen safe when you are not using it.




There are multiple ports on both sides of the Chromebook such as Volume, USB 3.0, USB-C, MicroSD card reader and mic/audio jack.



There are two cameras on your Chromebook;  A 720p "front-facing" camera and a 5MP "world-facing" camera.



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