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Focus School Software - Alerts, Announcements, and Events
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- The Alerts module contains profile-specific notifications, which are automated by Focus and used to manage daily tasks. Alerts link to the corresponding screens in Focus to complete the alerted task. Teachers receive Alerts on: referrals that have been processed, students that have been added or dropped, grades that need to be posted, messages sent via Messenger, etc.



- As mentioned above, clicking on any of the alerts will link to the corresponding screens. For example, clicking 1 new referral has been processed will navigate to the Referrals screen. Once addressed, the Alert will disappear.



- Attendance Alerts link to either the Seating Charts screen, or the main Take Attendance screen depending on the last screen utilized to take attendance. If you are an elementary school or middle school teacher, you will only see attendance alerts for your homeroom courses.



- The District & School Announcements module contains profile-specific notifications or reminders from both Focus and the school/district. Typical messages include reminders for deadlines, meetings, etc.



- The Upcoming Events module contains reminders of the next seven events on your Calendar. Upcoming Events display until the event occurs, and the date appears in the title. Hover over the event with the mouse to display a tooltip, which contains the event's description, if one was added upon creating the event.




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