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How to access the NWEA Secure Testing app on a Chromebook
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The NWEA kiosk app is available on all student District Chromebooks.  It is used for the MAP test.  A kiosk app appears ONLY on the sign-in screen.  The student must SIGN OUT of the Chromebook in order to see the app.   To sign out of the Chromebook, click the menu by the clock and choose Sign out.



Once the student signs out, they will see a menu of kiosk apps in the system tray on the sign-in screen. The student must select NWEA Secure Testing app to launch it and take the test.



You may see a WHITE screen for a few seconds while the app loads.  PLEASE WAIT until the app loads and the NWEA logo appears.


Follow instructions from your teacher regarding the Session Name and Session Password to begin testing.


After the test is complete, you can exit the kiosk app by clicking the black X, and sign back into a Chromebook user session.


Tech Tip:

If you see a message saying that the screen does not meet the requirements for testing, return to the login screen.  While on the login screen, Reset the screen resolution using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + 0 (zero), then close and relaunch the testing app.





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