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Preparing your Focus Gradebook for Canvas Gradebook Sync (One Time Setup)
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As an instructor, you can request a grade sync from your Canvas gradebook to your Focus gradebook. There are some one-time steps that need to be completed in Focus to enable the passing of grades. Before syncing your grades, you must make sure your Focus gradebook is configured correctly to match Canvas. 


1. Log in to Focus. 


2. From the Grades menu, click Gradebook. Next select the appropriate class from the dropdown menu in the top right corner. 



3. If your assignment groups are weighted, you will need to set your Focus gradebook to allow weighting. Click Settings near the top right of the gradebook.



4. Once the settings window opens, click the Configuration tab.




5. Select the Weight assignment grades by category check box if you want the Gradebook to assign a percentage of the total grade to your categories of assignments. Note: Percentage of Total must equal 100%. Once the settings have been configured, click the Close button at the top of the settings menu to return to the gradebook.



6. Now that you have allowed weighting, you will create the neccessary categories for the Canvas grades to sync to. Click the Category tab.



7.  Click + New Category.



8. Enter a Title for the category. THIS TITLE MUST MATCH THE EXACT NAME USED FOR THE ASSIGNMENT GROUP IN CANVAS. Please see the examples below. In the example, there are Canvas assignment groups titled "Homework" and "Exams". You would create a category in the Focus Gradebook with those exact names, "Homework" and "Exams".  




9. Enter the Percent of Final Grade in the text box (will only accept integers) if using weights.  Note: This field will only appear if Weight grades by assignment category to use weighted categories was selected in Gradebook Configuration (Step 5).



10. From the Linked Sections pull-down, select the sections that should be assigned to this category. From the Linked Marking Period pull-down, select the periods that should be assigned to this category.



Now that you've made the necessary configurations to your Focus gradebook to accept grades from Canvas. Please see the following article that explains how you will sync the grades to Focus.

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