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How to sync grades from Canvas to the Focus gradebook
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January 12, 2022 - Faculty Meeting Presentation - Canvas to Focus Grade Sync



Before you attempt to sync grades from the Canvas gradebook to the Focus gradebook, make sure you have completed the one-time setup in Focus to prepare your Focus gradebook to accept grades from Canvas. Those instructions can be found here.


The steps below will sync assignment grades from Canvas to Focus. 


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To keep grades "live" and up to date in Focus, a nightly grade book sync runs at 2 am to update the Focus grade book with new or updated grades from Canvas. This process is enabled for the entire district but must be manually enabled by each teacher for each of their courses in Canvas. The steps below outline the process from selecting Canvas assignments to sync and turning on the nightly grade book sync.


1. Log in to Canvas and open your course.


2. Select Assignments from the left navigation pane.



3. Next to the publish button for each assignment is a Sync to Sis button. Click the button for all graded assignments that you would like to sync to the Focus Gradebook. The button will turn green when the setting is enabled. 



4. Next, Select Grade Sync from the left navigation pane to open the grade sync preferences.



5. In the grade sync preferences, click Utilities [1] and then click the slider to enable the Nightly Sync [2]. The slider will turn green with the nightly sync is enabled. This nightly sync must be enabled in each of your Canvas classes.



Once you have enabled the Nightly Sync option in all of your Canvas courses, you are finished. All grades in your canvas course that have been marked as "Sync to Sis" will sync nightly at 2 am. You can check the History tab in the Grade Sync preferences to see the nightly log of all grade book syncs. The History will list all successful syncs as well as any warnings that may prevent successful syncs. 


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