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Using the Microsoft Authenticator app
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In addition to the code card, you may use the Microsoft Authenticator authenticator app on your smartphone to generate notifications or codes to sign in to your SSO account.


Part 1: Download the Microsoft Authenticator App

Download the Microsoft Authenticator app from your device's app store.

Part 2: Setup the Microsoft Authenticator App

1. After installing the Microsoft Authenticator, open the app, read the Your privacy matters screen, then tap I agree.



2.  Tap Add work or school account.



3. Choose Add Account.



4. When prompted to choose an account type, choose Work or School Account.



5. Choose Sign in



6. Enter your SSO username, password, and the code generated on your code card.



7. Tap Allow at the "Authenticator" Would Like to Send You Notifications prompt.



8. Tap Finish. Your device will now be set up for both smartphone notifications and codes using the Microsoft Authenticator app.




You've just completed setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app.


Part 3: Using codes from the Microsoft Authenticator app

1. Open the Microsoft Authenticator app and choose your account from the list presented.



2. Use the one-time password code and enter it into the sign-in screen when prompted.


shown below: the Microsoft authenticator app open on a smartphone



shown below: the Enter code prompt while using a SSO account on a computer


Optional: Once you have set up the method above, you may change the default method used to secure your SSO account.


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